Margaux uninhibited

The Arsac vineyard, where the Château le Coteau vines are located, is a “chaise longue” terroir. It’s a terroir that naturally produces high-quality wines.

There’s no need for artifice, the essential is there.

While Eric, still a child, goes off to observe bees, butterflies and other entomological wonders, his father Claude works in the family vineyard. No superfluous intervention, generous nature gives what it has.

The harvest is a celebration, the reward for a year’s hard work. Claude reveals his terroir through a vinification process that is adapted vintage after vintage, with no technical tricks. The truth is already in the grapes.

We pay tribute to him today with this cuvée.

  • Harvested by hand
  • Traditional vinification
  • Small production
  • Matured in vats and barrels to preserve the pleasure of the fruit


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